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GWRRA Drill Teams & Rider Excellence website...

Welcome to the GWRRA Drill Teams & Rider Excellence Website


Riding with a Drill Team is an honor and a privilege. Most motorcycle riders will never practice to achieve the skill that is necessary to be competent on the street, let alone at the close intervals required by Drill Team riding. We want the experience to be fun for your team, but also safe. To that end, this website area, the International Drill Team Coordinator and the Assistant have the goal of ensuring that you can teach new riders the skills necessary to become safe on a team and that all riders may be safe at the level they are training, performing or competing at, and comfortable in the knowledge that the riders around them are equally skilled.

Riding a motorcycle by nature is a solitary activity. One of the joys of motorcycle riding is traveling with a group of friends to visit new places, try new foods or attend new events. Group riding is as different from individual riding as night is from day. When you ride in a group, your actions not only affect you, but the other riders as well. This is true for any group of motorcycles that rides together, no matter how long the trip. It is vitally important that drill team riders bring this attitude to practice and to shows every time they meet. What you're about to do is either going to be boring, or you're going to need a lot of trust and a lot of respect. That's the world of drill team riders.

In this area of the GWRRA website, you will find the Amazing Team Challenge, a How to Start a Drill Team manual which includes helpful hints from Captains of three World Champion teams, contacts for all the GWRRA Drill Teams and for the International Drill Team Director and Assistant. We're just launching this area again after years of absence, so we'll be tweaking it a lot for the next year or two. Come back often. Never hesitate to send your questions or ask for assistance. We are a small group in motorcycle riding, but we're all bound by a common love of something more demanding than staying in our lane.