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"Give me 5" Monthly Chapter Talks Topics...

This section contains short articles that can be used for a Chapter Educator's five minute talks during their monthly meeting. We will be continuing to expand this area as we receive new topics. Please contribute to this section by sending your articles to the Director- Rider Education.


  1. All About Traction, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  2. End of Season Maintenance, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  3. Plan the Gear, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  4. Ride with the Right Attitude, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  5. Rider Course Season, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  6. Start the Riding Season, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  7. Team Riding Responsibilities, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  8. Warm Weather Worries, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  9. Why a Rider Course, By Bruce & Melissa Thayer
  10. The Invisible Motorcyclist, By Jim Culp
  11. Be Prepared, By Jim Culp
  12. Dress for the "Slide" not for the "Ride", By Jim Culp
  13. Stay Awake, Stay Alert, Stay Alive, By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  14. The Power of the Wave, By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  15. How About Some R & R, By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  16. Before I Let a Passenger on to my Bike, By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  17. Ride Defensively, By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  18. Rise to a Higher Level, By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  19. What mask will you wear this Month, By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  20. Is there a problem with GWRRA, By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  21. What If..., By Joe & Judy Pirillo
  22. Buyer Beware when it's time to replace your Riding Jacket, By Bob Berry
  23. Are Your Chapter Rides a Group or a Gaggle, By Bob Berry
  24. Age Does Matter, By Rick McCalla
  25. Melanoma Awareness, By Ginny Gula
  26. Medications and Riding, By Ginny Gula
  27. Lightning, By Don Francisco
  28. Who's Your Drag, By Doug Boemecke
  29. T-CARE, By Murray Dunkin TN-Y Chapter Educator