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The GWRRA Officers Handbook

The Handbook located here is the “official” version, and future updates will be posted to this location.  Hard copies are not distributed.  You may download the Handbook in its entirety or simply print pages that are relevant to your needs.

Although the Handbook is not a secret document, it should be distributed only to those who are Officers or staff members who have a need to reference it.

Please remember that the Officer’s Handbook undergoes constant evolution as changes are suggested, reviewed and approved.  None of these minor revisions involves policy changes.  Policy changes are announced to the Officer network and then updated in the Handbook.

- Revised September 2014 -

Complete Officer Handbook

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Officer Handbook Sections
Table of Contents
Section A
:: Welcome ::
Section D
:: Policies & Procedures ::
Section B
:: Introduction ::
Section E
:: Expectations of Officers ::
Section C
:: Structure and Organization ::
Section F
:: Recommendations & Suggestions ::