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By Ed & Linda Johnson
International Member Enhancement Directors 

Wing Ding 34!   Wow, what a wonderful time we had. Without the help of our Membership Enhancement TEAM and the many volunteers who helped us, it would not have been a great success. We have so many to thank for a job well done. Our thanks go out to our Membership Enhancement TEAM. We thank our Membership Enhancement Assistant Directors, Bob and Karla Greer for overseeing the Information Booth and the Chapter of the Year Seminars.  

Membership Enhancement Assistant Directors, Tony and Jean Ondof for taking care of the Recruiting Booth and the hard work and time they put in. We also thank them for the Recruiting and Retention Seminars they taught. We thank Bob MacBird for the three Classic Wing SIG Seminars and Robert Partigianoni for the Ham Radio SIG Seminar. Thanks to Region N Trainer, Pam Meador, for the Lady Rider SIG Seminar and Mississippi Directors, Bobby and Lori Bryant, for the FUN Activities Seminar they presented.  

Last, but certainly not least, is Steven and Tammy Hollingsworth, for the great job in handling the International Couple of the Year Selection, the Couples reunion luncheon, setting up the interviews with the judges and all that is involved in the process of the International Couple of the Year Selection.  

All of the Membership Enhancement TEAM has commitments throughout the entire year and we thank all of you for all you do and a job well done. Our thanks go out to all who worked the Recruiting and Information Booths. We had many Region and District Couples there. Thanks to all of you! Without your help, things would not have gone so smooth.

We would like to thank Fort Wayne and the "RED" coats as we called them. If you didn't speak to or need directions from this staff, you missed it. They were great people and a great help to us at Wing Ding 34. We thank you for your help and assistance at our event.

Our thanks go to the Event Management TEAM! Ernie Black and his team did a great job in getting everything set up and seeing that we had things we needed. They were also was very helpful with answering questions that came up.

To all who were camping or got caught out in the storm on Thursday night, we hope that you are safe and have gotten things back in order. It was a scary time for all and sad for those who had damage to their motorcycles and camping equipment and sites. We say thanks to all who offered rooms, a shoulder to cry on or for just being there for support to these Members. Thank YOU!

We thank KKT, Kevin and Kristi Thomas and their TEAM for all the hard work and support throughout the year and Wing Ding 34.

Without Paul and Dottie Hildebrand, Shirley and Benny Garcia and the dream 35 years ago, we would not have a Wing Ding today. Thanks to you all.

Our congratulations to Greg and Renee Dempsey for being selected as the 2012-2013 International Couple of the Year. Greg and Renee have already been a great asset to the Couple of the Year Program and will be great ambassadors for GWRRA.

To all of you who attended Wing Ding 34, we thank you and hope that your experience was a great one. Ride safe and we hope to see you somewhere or at least in Greenville, SC for Wing Ding 35.

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