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Submitted By: Jere Goodman
A New Chapter In My Life!

My role as your Director has begun and I am excited to be representing you and looking forward to being of service.

Once again, I would like to thank Mike Stiger for his support and all that he has done for our great Association as Director. To Paul Hildebrand and Abel Gallardo, thank you for your confidence in me and I will do my best not to let you or our Members down. Most of all, I want to thank my wife, Linda, for her support in everything I/we have done and will continue to do for GWRRA.

Over the years, through many positions held, I have been asked, "Why do you want to serve and spend so much time working as a volunteer." Let me just say, that as a Member just like you, I have grown to love the friendships that I have made and the catalyst for meeting so many people has been GWRRA. There is an old cliché and we use it frequently: "Make a difference." I have always believed that I had something to contribute and could "make a difference." Yes, volunteering is work, but the friendships and the satisfaction of serving others are priceless.

Linda and I have had our share of good and bad times in the organization. We have been part of conflicts and have helped to resolve conflicts. Are you surprised to hear me make that admission? Challenges to relationships happen in every organization, in our workplace, and in our families. Most of the time, we can overcome our differences.

What I do know is that GWRRA is a wonderful organization that brings people together who forge life-long relationships with others who share their passion for motorcycling and friendship. Our Rider Education Program is second to none; our Leadership Training offers skill-improving opportunities; Membership Enhancement is all about having fun and ensuring the legacy of GWRRA is there for others. When our Members talk about their GWRRA family, that is exactly what they mean.

The building of our family/friendship ties, begins with our Chapters, the heart and soul of our organization. The Chapter Directors and the many volunteers within the Chapter are the true catalyst for the continuing success and enjoyment by many within our organization.

One of my goals as your Director is to influence those who do not partake in Chapter life to give it a try. I realize there are many reasons why Chapter life may not be convenient for some. Location, work, gathering times, family commitments, all come into play and may have an impact on your ability to participate. Perhaps you do not have a Chapter that is conveniently located to you. Let me know and I will work to see if we can't get a Chapter started in your area as there may be others in a similar situation. Our Chapters are committed to welcoming everyone and if for some reason, you feel they let you down, please, do not give up! I assure you, it is never intentional. Unfortunately, sometimes we just get caught up in the moment and those we know. Stay the course and you will have many years of memorable experiences in GWRRA. If you have never participated with a Chapter, or have let a bad experience turn you away, please, give it another try! It's worth it!

By the time you receive this August issue of Wingin' It, Wing Ding will be over and I will have had the opportunity to meet, greet, and speak with many of you in Ft. Wayne. I look forward to doing the same next year in Greenville, SC and throughout the rest of the convention/rally season this year and next. I am very interested to hear how we can improve your experience in GWRRA. If you are new to our organization and we are not meeting your expectations, please let us know in what way we have failed you. I am asking that you let us know before you become dissatisfied and decide to leave our family.

There are times that we may have to agree to disagree. However, I promise you that I will always listen, value your opinion, and give it fair and unbiased consideration.

Please be patient as I settle into my new role. As a Member and Director, I will do my best to serve you to the best of my ability.

Please ride safe, be well, have fun, and enjoy being part of the greatest motorcycle organization dedicated to "Friends For Fun, Safety, and Knowledge!"


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