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Member Feedback

Here is a sampling of some responses I received from Members regarding the question asked last month about whether you were an active participant in a GWRRA Chapter or not.


Indeed, this is a very important aspect of my life.  I have met so many great folks and have learned so much a out being a safe rider.  I belong to AZ-R and feel they have really made a significant difference.  I shall continue with this Chapter and GWRRA as long as I am able.



Hi Ed, 

This is in response to your request for information in the Wingin' It e-newsletter.  

I am a Member of Hilliard, Ohio U-2.  I generally do not participate in Chapter activities mostly because 1) Chapter activities have been primarily social and I am not looking for social kinds of stuff right now and 2) Other activities fill my calendar.  I generally do try to participate in monthly Chapter rides that occur on the weekends and I always place them on my calendar as soon as the rides are announced.  The rides are the reason that I try to participate in the Chapter.  Unfortunately, as the summer riding season progresses, many of the Chapter rides get bumped off my calendar by other pressing activities (family, work, other social) that arise.  I appreciate safety and motorcycle riding skill information from GWRRA, particularly the information that appears in articles in the monthly magazine that I look forward to receiving.  I am not into the touchy feely magazine articles about GWRRA Members, how GWRRA has "changed peoples lives," or about how the GWRRA family began with 7 old guys in Arizona 35 years ago (or whatever it was).   

I appreciate the leadership provided by our Chapter Officers because I know they work hard and they are dedicated to the revival of our Chapter.  But honestly, after being a Chief Financial Officer for 30 years, I am not willing to help lead much of anything anymore so I am strictly a Chapter Indian (and a poor one at that) and will most likely never be a Chapter Chief.   

Most organizations are struggling for membership in this new millennium whether they are churches, civic groups, service clubs or GWRRA Chapters.  Right or wrong, GWRRA has the reputation of being a bunch of geezers who ride giant hover-rounds on two wheels.  My recommendation to you, Ed, is that GWRRA 1) De-emphasize the food gorging social activities; 2) Emphasize the motorcycle rides and 3) Shift to an "all motorcycle" organization instead of being an exclusive club for giant two wheeled hover-round riders.  I believe the leaders of our Ohio U-2 Chapter are doing just that and they appear to be experiencing some success with this approach.   

Yes, I love my 2007 giant black two wheeled hover-round.  Good luck as you lead GWRRA.  I look forward to reading (hopefully in the monthly magazine) about the information that you are gathering here.  Thank you for all the work that you do for us motorcycle riders. 

David K.


Hi Ed,

I really enjoy your articles!  I am active with SC Chapter S in Newberry, SC and really enjoy our activities.  We are a very active Chapter and won the Chapter of the Year award at our District Convention this year. We are mighty proud of that award too!!  

I moved to SC back in 1998 with my job and joined a local Chapter not long after that to meet people in this area that enjoyed motorcycling as much as I did.  I eventually joined Chapter S in Newberry, what a great bunch of folks! I read on various message boards that a lot of people think GWRRA Chapters do nothing but have a dinner ride once a month or just have an ice cream ride.  Well, I can tell you, they haven't been to Chapter S!!  We have camp-outs, rides,  picnics, more rides, visit other Chapters and other District Conventions. In other words, we ride and we have fun!!  

Thanks for the work you do for GWRRA!

Jane B.


No, I don't participate in my local Chapter. In the beginning, I was a founding member of OH-Z. I had my first (1984) Gold Wing and everything was new and fun. I did enjoy the new Members and made some great friends, but then something happened, "cliques" began to take shape. Rules and dress codes (white shirt, black dress pants, and black dress vest) became mandatory when any group riding was done. Although it has become a joke, riding just to get somewhere to eat is not what a lot of us wanted.

Riding in large formations also became dangerous. I, and a few others, grew tired of always compromising on trips and activities. If you missed a few meetings, you became "suspect". So I just started to drop out. Years passed and I thought I would give it another try at the Chapter's local bike show. Nothing but politics and in-fighting as to who would yield the "power" within the Chapter. Again I dropped out. Now I am sure those Members that are active today do so because they enjoy the friendships.

I have found that my wife and I prefer to ride alone and enjoy our own company, and we have done so from Alaska to New Foundland. We have good friends that ride for the simple pleasure of riding and those friends that think we are crazy. Thus, I think Chapter life is important to many people, just not for us.

Ron W. 

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