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Members Story: My GWRRA Story!

Submitted by David Heaton
Member #121736
Boulder, Utah UT-R

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about what I have found with GWRRA.

I have had a Gold Wing now for over 30 years. I joined GWRRA about 28 years ago and then dropped out because I didn't really see the value in it. I never met anyone and was never invited to join anything. There was a Chapter in the city where I lived and we went out to breakfast with them one time. We sat by ourselves and were never welcomed and no one even talked to us. Because of this, we felt very uncomfortable. I did like the Wing World and the Gold Book, but that was it. Three years ago, we purchased another Gold Wing and decided to give the GWRRA another chance.

I rejoined and went to the website and found out who was in charge of the Utah GWRRA Chapter and sent an email to Carol Dean. She then sent my email address to Stephen Peacock, who is the Chapter R coordinator. I received an email right away from Stephen welcoming me to the Chapter. I live four hours away from the nearest Chapter, so my involvement with them is limited, but that hasn't stopped Stephan from keeping me notified on what is happening. They ride almost every weekend and have several rides during the month. This is a very active and new Chapter.

My wife and I have been on one ride with them, but feel as though we are making new friends and like the people that we rode with. The reason I am writing this is because I feel that Stephen and Carol deserve some credit and recognition for going above and beyond what they are asked to do. They have more than made my wife and I feel welcome and included in the activities.

Because of the way they have made us feel I am now calling GWRRA and adding my wife to a family subscription and plan on going to the Region F convention this month.

I really have a hard time putting what I feel into words, as you can probably tell, but if you get a chance, please tell Carol and Stephen that they have made a difference. I will now be a Life Member in GWRRA. Thank you!

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