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John & Lena Bryant
Membership Enhancement Program
Region H Membership Enhancement Coordinators

It is that time of year for Chapter Directors and your Core Team to take a look at your membership and select your 2012 Chapter Couple of the Year. As you do so, consider the following: 

*It's important to "Honor" a couple for their contributions to the Chapter
*It allows recognition of their leadership skills
*Their ability to have "FUN"
*Help to bring "Unity" within the Chapter
*Emphasis should be place on the fact that a Chapter Couple is not a responsibility or expectation
*Encourage your Chapter Couple of the Year to review the Couple of the Year Manual
*This will give them a head start for preparing for the District, Region and/or International Level Selection Process

The Couple of the Year Manuel can be found by going to http://med.gwrra.org/coupleoftheyear.html It is important to explain to the Couples that they should not go beyond what their finances and schedule will permit.

Top Reasons Why Your Chapter Needs a Couple of the Year;
1. Selecting a Chapter Couple of the Year is a way a Chapter can "give back" to a Couple that has worked hard for the Chapter
2. Visitation with other Chapters by the Couple of the Year can increase inter-Chapter activities
3. Chapter spirit can increase when a Chapter shows support for their Couple of the Year
4. Selection as a Chapter Couple of the Year leads to personal growth for the Couple. They usually tend to take on more responsibility in leadership
5. The Chapter Couple of the Year can bring awareness within the community about our Association by wearing shirts or vests with Couple of the Year designation
6. Participation in the District Selection Process brings recognition for your Chapter within the District
7. As your Chapter Couple of the Year visits other Chapters, Couples of the Year from those Chapters will in turn visit our Chapter
8. Your Chapter Couple of the Year can promote your Chapter's upcoming events as they visit other Chapters
9. Chapter Couples of the Year are often found serving as Cheerleaders of the Chapter Team

For continuous growth, we need both, "Recruitment and Retention".

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