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GWRRA Seal Logo
These are the newest logos available. It's a JPEG file and approx. 500k in size. Color / Black & Gold

Leadership Training Program (LTP): Logo

Member Enhancement Program (MEP): Logo

Motorist Awareness Division (MAD): Logo | Brochure 1 | Brochure 2 | Brochure 3

Rider Education Program (RE): Logo

GWRRA University: Trilogy Logo | Diamond Logo

Recruiting Poster

  1. Version One: (Click Here)

  2. Version Two: (Click Here)

Wings Of Gold [Format: MP3 | WMA]
Wings Of Gold BJ Lyman [Format: MP3]

Ride Song [Format: MP3 | WMA]

Motorcycle Safety PSA [Format: WMA]


GWRRA Officer List

GWRRA Membership Application
This is the GWRRA application that is found inside the magazine. It is in .pdf format which can be downloaded using Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Officer's Handbook
The Guidebook located at the link above is the "official" version and all future updates will be posted to that location. The GWRRA International Headquarters in Phoenix will no longer distribute hard copies of the Guidebook. You may download the Guidebook in its entirety or simply print pages that are relevant to your needs.

Chapter of the Year [Program Page]